rover handbook
Rover Handbook
November 4, 2016
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Cub Welcome certificate
July 18, 2017

Rover Handbook (eBook)

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Looking for a Rover Handbook you can consult at any time on your phone, tablet or computer without having to page through a printed version? Look no further, get the ins and outs of Rovering through the new Rover e-Handbook here!

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This e-book is the first of its kind in South African Scouting. The e-book contains the Rover Handbook which elaborates on the essence of Rovering, how to run a Crew and explains the advancement programme. The content is identical to the printed Rover Handbook.

The e-book is best read by using Adobe Digital Editions or Readium.


Compiled by: Cameron Belling

Proof Readers:
Jearóid Harris, Ryan Inkley, Andrew Tanner, Eddie Watson, Natasha Kayle

Special Thanks & Contributions:
Elizabeth Britz, Gerard Evans, Kevin Herbst, Carmen Jearey, Father Charles Prince and the
SIGMA Rover Crew. With acknowledgement and thanks to the Scout Association of Australia and Rovers Canada for the use of certain references and text.

Amy Topper for use in the SCOUTS South Africa Rover handbook. SCOUTS South Africa members may use these images freely provided they are used for non-profit activities, and Amy Topper is credited for the illustrations. If they are to be used internationally or for profit or in publications to be sold, prior permission should be acquired by emailing

© Copyright – SCOUTS South Africa. The contents of this e-book may not be reproduced without the prior written permission from the CEO of the SCOUTS South Africa National Office.

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The e-book is best read by using Adobe Digital Editions or Readium.