Cub Workbook

R 22.00

This one of a kind Cub Workbook was specifically made  for our children in Cubbing! With bright and beautiful illustrations designed for SCOUTS South Africa, place to take notes and sign off on completed advancements, this book is a MUST have for all!

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My Scout Journey

R 90.00

My Scout Journey takes you through the new Scout Advancement Programme.

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Food For Life Booklets

R 18.00R 48.00

Food for Life is an agricultural programme developed by SCOUTS South Africa with the aim to contribute to the alleviation of hunger and the promotion of self-sustainability.

These booklets teach Cubs and Scouts how to grow food for their family and community, as well as equip them with basic entrepreneurial skills.

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Badge Certificate Book

R 22.00

This book contains the certificates that need to be signed off in order to obtain the advancement badges.

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Be Prepared for Life Kits

R 14.00

Be Prepared for Life is a series of environmental activity kits that show you how to apply your Scouting skills in everyday life. In each kit you will be able to put your Scouting skills into practice with dozens of practical activities which are applicable in your community.

  • Kit One: There’s No Place Like Home, you discover that good Scouting begins at home…
  • Kit Two: At Home in the City, you discover how to share our city and streets with others…
  • Kit Three: Food for Life, you discover how SCOUTS should help people to help themselves…
  • Kit Four: Water for Life, you discover how Scouts should respect and protect water…
  • Kit Five: Living with the Soil, you discover how to protect our soil from erosion…
  • Kit Six: The World of Work, you discover job skills…
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The Patrol System

R 22.00

The Patrol System explains the usage of small groups within a Pack or Troop as a tool to enhance personal growth, team spirit and leadership training.

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Pack Scouters Working File

R 35.00R 385.00

The Pack Scouters Working kit replaces the former Pack Scouters Handbook. It contains a number of modules to help you plan and implement the Cub Programme and help the children advance and have fun with a purpose.

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Rover Handbook (eBook)

R 80.00

Looking for a Rover Handbook you can consult at any time on your phone, tablet or computer without having to page through a printed version? Look no further, get the ins and outs of Rovering through the new Rover e-Handbook here!

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Cub Badge Book

R 35.00

Want to keep track of the badges you acquire? Like the idea of your Akela signing off and links to additional resources when completing a badge? Then this Cub Badge Book is the perfect book for you!


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Cub Welcome certificate

R 5.00
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