Leather Scout Woggle

R 24.00

Nothing says Scouting more than a perfectly woven leather woggle!

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Rover Epaulettes Pair

R 130.00
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Rover Handbook (eBook)

R 80.00

Looking for a Rover Handbook you can consult at any time on your phone, tablet or computer without having to page through a printed version? Look no further, get the ins and outs of Rovering through the new Rover e-Handbook here!

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SSA Neckwarmer

R 110.00

SCOUTS SA has brought back the popular SSA branded neck scarf/neck warmer. This time around they are locally manufactured in South Africa.

A must have for all who are adventurous at heart!


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Rover Badge

R 25.00
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Rover Handbook

R 150.00

The Rover Handbook comprises of a lever-arch file with the 130 page Rover handbook module.

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DIY Friendship Bracelets

R 35.00

Be a friend, share the gift of Scouting!

What better way to share friendship than by gifting one of SCOUTS SA’s “DIY Friendship Bracelet Kits” to friends in Scouting, in school, at work or in your neighborhood?

They come in all the Scouting colours! Yellow and purple for Cubs, green and purple for Scouts, red and purple for Rovers and white and purple for all adults, supporters and volunteers.

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