Cub Workbook

R 22.00

This one of a kind Cub Workbook was specifically made  for our children in Cubbing! With bright and beautiful illustrations designed for SCOUTS South Africa, place to take notes and sign off on completed advancements, this book is a MUST have for all!

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Scout Advancement Badges

R 10.00R 19.00
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Western Cape Badge

R 10.00


Style: Woven                 

Dimensions: 50mm x 400mmm

Colour:  Beige background with ostrich image

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Africa Region Badge

R 10.00
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R 60.00

Keep your feet warm and protected on a hike, camp, meeting or event with a pair of Scout uniform socks.

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Shorts Boys

R 175.00

Classic and timeless Scout Uniform shorts.

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R 115.00R 155.00

Represent the South African Scouting adventure with this uniquely SCOUTS South Africa Tee.

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