Cub Workbook

R 22.00

This one of a kind Cub Workbook was specifically made  for our children in Cubbing! With bright and beautiful illustrations designed for SCOUTS South Africa, place to take notes and sign off on completed advancements, this book is a MUST have for all!

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Cubs 100 Badge

R 7.50
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SCOUTS SA Embroidered Unisex Golf Shirt

R 195.00

The 2017 SCOUTS SA golf shirts add style to comfort and no casual Scouting wardrobe is complete without one!

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Cub Badge Book

R 35.00

Want to keep track of the badges you acquire? Like the idea of your Akela signing off and links to additional resources when completing a badge? Then this Cub Badge Book is the perfect book for you!


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Round Leather Woggle

R 24.00

Woggle made out of brown leather

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Gift tags

R 5.00R 10.00
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